Scene of the Crime Split 7"

by Out of Time

(free) 01:30
(free) 01:34


released April 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Out of Time St Louis, Missouri

Midwest Hardcore

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Track Name: Keepin' Eye
From the moment I was thrown into this world
My clock's been ticking away time
Fight to live
Kill to survive
In a race of rats we're all just living to die
And death waits in the shadows
Always keepin' eye
So so do I
And I know time waits for no man
And mine is running out
So what's the sense in hiding
Knowing one day I'll just be found
Cause I can't figure it out
Because one day I'll know I'll stumble in this race
And lie with death staring me back in my face
I'm running from the reaper til I'm out of breath
But I know nothing is certain except for death
Track Name: Visitor
Bending words just to fit the lies that you want to portray
A sob story that you use to justify your crooked ways
Sick of buying into your games
Just to feed your amusement
Sick of this battle inside of my brain
Sick of this confusion
Use my words as a weapon against me
And twist every fucking thing I say
I've broke my spine bending over backwards
Trying to see things your way
Tears welling up in my eyes
It only makes it clearer to see
That this place that once felt like home is
The farthest thing from it to me
I refuse to be victimized
Won't lay down and I won't take it anymore
I've closed my eyes a thousand fucking times
Now I'm slamming the fucking door