by Out of Time

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released June 5, 2011

Recorded and Mixed by Gabe Usery June 3-5, 2011

Sweddie Eddie on top 2k11



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Out of Time St Louis, Missouri

Midwest Hardcore

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Track Name: Collapse
Running in circles, when will this all end?
Your manipulations made all the lines bend
Just when i find my way
I'm lost again

Crawling in the dark searching for the light
Losing my grip, downfall is in sight
The more you beat me down
The harder the fight

So I'm throwing in the towel
This time I'm done trying
It's time i put myself first
And everyone else behind
Cause if there's one thing I've learned
It's that you cant trust the feeble
And that people are quick to change
But you just cant change people
Track Name: Overstayed
Just a tourist in this fucking game
Nothing but your 15 minutes of fame
And your hourglass is fucking running out
Just a Matter of time before you're down for the count

And when you look to those who you pushed away
Do you think well turn our backs or well fucking stay?
Cutting corners and stabbing backs to get by
Now its the end, you're out of fucking time

Reached out a hand
and you turned and left
You never paid your fucking dues
Now they've come to collect
Track Name: Captive
A backwards cycle
Never growing up, only growing older
The more I break free from these chains
The heavier the world is on my shoulders
I'm crushed by the weight
This body cracks and peels
And all my peers learn how to cope
Why cant i learn how to deal?
Everyone else seems to get by with a noose around their throat
Why is it when the pressures on me i lose hope and start to choke?
Stuck down in a hole
There's no coming back
Sink like an anchor
Fading into the black
Track Name: Nice Try
Giving all I can
But it's not what I'm receiving
Gotta admit
That all of your bullshit
Has been quite misleading
But now I'm fed up with your lies
And all of your deceit
Cause what you think goes through unseen eyes
Has been less than discreet
So now its time the tables were flipped
I didn't like the story you wrote
So there's a new script
This time the good wont finish last
Cause ill be first to stab you in your back
Look me in the eyes
Tell me who's laughing now?
Sayonara, nice try
Nice try
Track Name: Vision Blurred
Falling apart
Losing control
A constant war
Inside my skull
Confusion takes
A hold of me
And farther down
Into this void I sink
Staring at my reflection
But at all that stares back
Are insecurities
From all the things i lack
Staring at a man worn and weathered
Trying to fit the pieces back together

But as the smoke clears
I finally see
That no ones as perfect
As they let on to be